Private Label/Custom Soaps

Sell Our Natural Soaps With Your Own  Branded Labels

If you would like to add natural soap to your product line, we would be glad to produce handmade soap bars for your brand. Our all-purpose handmade soap is the highest quality soap suitable for all skin types.

Private label soap is a great way to provide a unique offer to your customers with your own brand name. A new product with your logo on the packaging gives you an opportunity to increase the average order amount in your store and enhance customer loyalty, since that product will be available only in your store and only with your brand name. Make your customers satisfied with an amazing natural soap line!

You don't have to worry about manufacturing, saving more time for awesome customer service. We would be glad to do that work for you!

Developed in house for all skin types.  We specialize in high quality recipes, containing simple, but powerful ingredients. Choose from our many soap offerings. Each of these recipes incorporate four oils and a butter (olive oil, castor oil, organic coconut oil & raw organic shea butter) in different proportions, offering soap with lots of lather, that is soft on your skin and makes for the best all-purpose handmade soap.  We then add in pure essential oils, phthalate-free fragrance, freshly dried herbs & botanicals, natural colorants, micas, exfoliants and more. Choose from our pre-existing soaps or create your own.


  • Are you interested in starting a soap company, or expanding your brands current offerings but don’t want to learn how to make soap? Do you have a bed and breakfast, resort, Airbnb, wedding, or other event you’d like a soap for?  Then private label soap is for you.  Our soap + your brand. We offer a selection of stock soaps for private label as well as unique custom creations. Private label soap can include both CUSTOM soap and STOCK soap. As long as it has your brand on it, it's considered “private label”.

What is CUSTOM soap?

  • Do you have an idea for unique ingredients, a unique formula, or are you looking for someone to manufacture 100% unique soap for you?Then custom soap is for you.  

We also offer wholesale.

We work with our clients to develop the highest quality Natural & Organic personal care products.

Contact us below with all inquiries.  We look to working with you.